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Sun, 2 Oct 2011
This is for Technorati - XG37YB6J8NY2

Trying to get my site on Technorati Listings and need to add this fancy code... so TADA!!...



Posted by ~Dave at 1:23 AM CDT
Updated: Sun, 2 Oct 2011 1:28 AM CDT
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Wed, 7 Sep 2011
Hit the Brakes
Mood:  sad

I wasn't very good at keeping up on this... mind you on the road.... there isn't much for internet access.

 I went on the road last week with a trainer with schneider traveling from Janesville, WI out to Ottawa, IL where we would pick up a trailer for Petsmart.  Basicly I would be training on the run in which the guy was running Dedicated on Petsmart from it's DC to stores in the areas.

We traveled from Ottawa, IL to Chicago, IL where I saw the Amtrak yard and watched El-Trains spark away on their tracks as we drove by them.  The next day we went to Gary, IN and a place outside of Gary, IN as well... We then stopped over night at the Schneider OC in Gary before heading back to Ottawa, IL.

I know my sister Janna would be spazzy cuz I beleive Gary, IN was where Michael Jackson grew up... hehe  I didn't get to sight see in Gary though.

We would move to St. Louis, MO area by Thursday... The whole time my abiblty to jump 2 -4 gears while trying to focus on MPH ranges was very evident, and by evident... I mean extreamely obvious I couldn't do it right.  Come Friday we made a pickup in Ottawa, IL and went to Peoria, IL then up to Chillton, WI.  It was at that time the trainer told me, after my 3rd attempt and overall.. 3rd time to choke at downshifting in town, that I wasn't cut out for this.

 I was dropped off at Janesville, WI on the back trip from Chillton, WI.... the trainer would head back to Ottawa, IL with the load himself and I would have some phone calls with folks at Schneider of the fact that I wasn't cutting it out there with my shifting and... maybe trucking wasn't the thing for me at that time.

I can honestly say I agree on that point of that my ability to shift how they wanted was very horendous.  I think my mind is not fast enough to flip through so much information at one time.  So I'm back to looking on job websites... poking shipping/receiving jobs as well as maybe some delivery driver jobs.

I'll keep this blog going though.. try to update as driving things come to be.  If I get a job as a delivery driver for someone.. I will still have things to talk about here. SO it's all good.  Was a experience at Schneider; I saw things I normally didn't see or that hadn't seen since last vacation to Arkansas.  I found out about a nice resturant in Morris, IL that someday if I  am out that way--  I'll stop in there for lunch.

So until the next entry and event... seeya later!

Posted by ~Dave at 12:05 AM CDT
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Fri, 26 Aug 2011
Post Training Session 1 rest... ?
Mood:  not sure

I caught up on my webcomics, my youtube subs, and some emails as I was pretty much unable to do ANY net at all while staying at the hotel. The net they had only was 1-2M in speed and my laptop just dragged forever to do anything... let alone the lack of privacy really to do anything anyway.

I was able to launch off a few twitter messages on my tracfone.

Kinda winding down.. figured since not heard from training cuz noone assigned yet.. i'd maybe get a few days to relax.....

... I... was... wrong...

about an hour ago... a guy named Richard called saying he was from schneider and a trainer guy and was in Janesville.  Apparently told me to meet him at the Travel America in Janesville by 9:30pm Sunday Night.  :0c

So as for rest.. I guess i get tonight and Saturday... that's it.  So no net on sunday.... and well obviously in truck with the trainer no net at all for I guess another week.  sounded like he said he ussually just ran a week.  Sounds like from Ottowa (sp?) to Chicago and back.  Etiher way.. he sounded a bit... I donno.  Said bring $100 cuz he eats out mostly... sounded kinda more all bout buisness.. not exactly a freindly training guy. Just a trucker kinda miffed I'll be slowing him down.

So-- no nice rest.  I'd be willing to bet that after the week with him.. I probibly be getting kicked back here for a day or so... my luck they then move me back on road after that like the next week.  I donno yet-- but the 7day break I was told about by the recruiter after class training... isn't happening.

I feel VERY VERY nervious... axious... kinda sick to my stomach...  Ussually following this is a deep regret feeling like I really donno if wanna/can do this.  But I donno.  Worst comes to worst... guy will say im a worthless pile and kick me out after we get back and somehow I have to find another job.  I donno. 

Right now I just trying my best to find someway to calm down all my panic and worries.  Feels odd finally being back in a room thats actually worth being in. 

Posted by ~Dave at 8:26 PM CDT
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Day 7
Mood:  lazy

Mostly was paper filling out and such today.  We drove in what turned out to be a Driving around test today...  I passed on it... somehow... but still issues.

I ate breakfast at hotel only twice the whole time... they kept serving the same thing; Soggy Hashbrowns, fake Scrambled Eggs, and barely toasted... Toast. Then a choice of apple or orange juice.  Made me sick when I ate it... so I tried not too.

Today though being last day and check out at 5am.  I woke at about 3:30am and loaded my stuff in my car.... I went downstairs to check out... then left at around 4am.  I drove to IHop but like typical wisconsin fashion... it was closed.  So I went to Denny's instead and got a Amaerican Slam; Eggs, Baccon, Links, Grits, an english muffin, and some Milk.  MUCH better breakfast.

Filled out a bunch of things and tried hard to stay awake during presentations due to only maybe getting 20Hrs. or less sleep all week cuzza my roommate. 

We finished at around 2pm... They didn't have a training driver avalible for me yet and so I figured might get a nice week off at least to rest.  Drove home and took a shower and tossed dirty clothes into the wash.

Posted by ~Dave at 8:20 PM CDT
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Thu, 25 Aug 2011
Day 6
Mood:  not sure

Made it on time today for the bus... seeming I set my first alarm clock to 2:30am... then set 3 phone alarms on my tracfone. The first was at 3am to a lil ding ding ringtone; the next at 3:30am was of a more jazzey tune ringtone; the 4am alarm I discovered i could use recorded messages... and recorded a more--- honest--- self alarm message of " WAKE THE F(bleep) UP" and used it to set as a alarm.

The 2:30am one woke me up and thus the phone didn't get a chance to shine. ^^

Got Wendy's food. I was suprised of the new frosty selections avalible from floats to shakes.  Again I snuck while roommate went to the mall.. then at the bar downstairs til 9pm... then he yammered/complained... borrowed my phone twice and someone elses after the fact trying to find out why his iphone didn't work.  Turns out he musta not paid his bill... he went on and on about it until 11 or so.

Driving was.... horendous.  TONS of screw ups and even killed the truck going up a hill once. x.x   Totally Failing at getting this right.  Wendy's food at least helped cool it down later.

Had a test on trip planning which I somehow did well on... not mean i'll understand it later on though.

Posted by ~Dave at 8:12 PM CDT
Updated: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 8:20 PM CDT
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Wed, 24 Aug 2011
Day 5
Mood:  irritated

My stupid roommate didn't set his alarm clock on his fancy stupid iphone.  THUS.. We where 20 minutes late waking up.  I had to rush us to the school in my car and look like a total clown jerk tool !  Now on i'm setting my own damn alarm clock so at least " I " can wake up when I should!  Not like it matters, everynight so far roommates kept me up til 11pm or so with his tv movies and socializing crud and all.

Driving was.... better... yet no where near perfect.  Homework pile getting a little smaller though. I found a shlotzsky's finally in the area in my car.  I've resorted to being sneeking and running off someplace to get food or the like... in my car while roommate is off in the bar or at the stupid mall... again!


Posted by ~Dave at 8:07 PM CDT
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Tue, 23 Aug 2011
Day 4

The paperwork is confusing as heck!  I-- donno if I'll ever get this!  The driving was-- better.. yet still nowhere near perfect.

The Lunches at the place have yet to be appitizing or non-stomach churning.

Posted by ~Dave at 8:05 PM CDT
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Mon, 22 Aug 2011
Day 3

Even more homework.  Some driving time... very very poor at it.  Room Mate is wearing out his welcome with his late night awake-ness and stupid crap horror like movies and junk.

I picked up my new battery tonight from Batteries PLUS and charged it up in NSPC ( my laptop).  Works nicely and I think my laptop is happy.

Posted by ~Dave at 8:04 PM CDT
Updated: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 8:12 PM CDT
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Sun, 21 Aug 2011
Day 2
Mood:  sad

Homework is constantly impossible seeming and rather heafty as well.  Already fed up with my "room-mate" as he seems more interested in going to the Mall to get food and walk around and such instead of studying.

Made mistake of telegraphing my intentions to look around on foot for a shlotzsky's in the area or maybe go get something in food court mall. Somehow instead was wrangled into taking some hotel provided/driven van there.... got my food and was already sick of the place.  That was at 6-7pm... when 8pm came and we were finally going to leave... the hotel van driver was late.... we left the mall in the van at 10pm as it was closing. 

 Homework suffered for this and I will not go to that damn mall or in that van ever again.  Guy driving it was a crazy person driving recklessly and being annoyingly talking.

Posted by ~Dave at 7:53 PM CDT
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Sat, 20 Aug 2011
Day 1
Alot of paperwork filled out and then a dumptruck of homework. x.x  Finnally caught up with it on Sunday night.

Posted by ~Dave at 8:29 PM CDT
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