Full Name: Rio Barberella Kitten (frm. Barbera Kitten)

Age: Mid-20's

Species/Gender: Feline - F

Status: Single

High School Grad. - Southstar Glen HS
College (attending) - Lower Glens Vocational College ( Computer Technologies)

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Rio Kitten; your standard white furred beauty stuck in the 80's. With body like a supermodel and attitude that kicks dust in the face of typical supermodel stereotypes. 100% nerd and devoted classic american girl!
Superhero Theme Song: "Beat It" - Michael Jackson

Favorite Computer System: Mac OS

Favorite Music/Genre: 80's, New Age, Pop

Likes: Tuna Noodle; Cold Milk; Anything Technical (PC's, etc.); A night watching TV on the couch; Michael Jackson; Duran Duran; Salon Trips; Experimenting with cooking and hair colors.

Dislikes: Guys who look at her for her apperance; More recent trendy music types; Lack of sleep; being sick; Feeling like she's fat; perverts; Unproperly fitted undergarments.