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RL Name: Dave Minton
Net/OC Names:
CelixDog, Celix, Puppy-Dreams
Birthday: July 16th, 1981

Autobiography of real life

I am a Madison, WI born guy; whom has spent much of his life moving between Arkansas and Wisconsin with his grandpartents. Details of why are both sketchey and complicated, i find best not to talk about.

As for art, I didn't start out too young with it. My main thing was to mess around with computers like the Apple 2e, my first computer to use at around age 5 or 6. Soon to Mac and then through the Windows Family (3.1, 95, 98) with the only skip being NT and eventually into XP. I haven't gone far into Vista yet; drawing started to become a hobby more during the 90's when cartoons like "2 Stupid Dogs" and later "CatDog" were airing. I also first fell in love with "Felix the Cat" and in time would try to pause a tape of the cartoon and try to draw the image. The Celix name itself was a simple whim of changing a letter and calling them Celix the Cat or Celix Productions ( later on).

Celix"DOG" was a adaptation further on within chat and forums I was in for CatDog which I still am a fan of. I made at least 20 different websites on different servers and styles and even for 2 semesters took a Computer Programing degree run at the local Technical College in Arkansas; I made and mantained a CatDog fan site with help from the College's Frontpage Express Program.

Since that time, i've tried to balance work and other activities time with drawing ( lately work has been winning my attention more) and I try to think of newer poses, outfits, and designs for characters I have had since 2000 and for new ones that pop up in my mind or during RPG's on chats.

Tools of creation

A small selection of things I use when drawing are found to the right.


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