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About the Artist:

Bored huh? :3
Wanna know a bit more about me huh? Read on brave traveller.

Born in Madison, WI in '81 and hop-scotched between Wisconsin and Arkansas my whole life afterwards. I've lived in a interesting concentration of towns within the two states and over time have grown more comfortable with Arkansas than Wisconsin after my last 13+ year tour there. I'm now residing back in the frostbite state of Wisconsin.

I started "doodling" and "tinkering" with drawing about 6 years ago with watching cartoons like "2 Stupid Dogs" and "Felix the Cat" drawing mostly from pausing the tv and drawing the scene I saw on the TV. Almost a visual tracing if you wanna call it that. In time things moved on and a character was created from an old acquaintance for me and eventually after a fallout; CelixDog and Cutesy where under soul drawing responsibility of myself. In time I added more crazy folks to the roster, those of which you can see in the Bio's Page.

I'm still novice and refer to my art style as mine as well as cartoon Illustration. Furry just is a term that I used to use yet gives me the creepies to use now. Below is a small list of the more common things I use to draw.

  • My Bed
  • Mechanical Pencil #2
  • Micron (or Zig, which I prefer) Blk. Pen #.05
  • Fun lil Grey Kneadable eraser you can make lil figures from
  • Various types of Music on CD's and My stereo
  • Mostly Cheep (yet some PrismaColor) Color Pencils
  • PaintShop Pro 7.0 Anniv. Edition for extra touches
DOB: 7/16/1981
RL Name: Dave Minton
Net Name(s): CelixDog,Celix


Root Beer, Sleeping, Drawing, Moonlight, 80's Music, My BFF & Sis Janna, Disturbed, Techno/gothy type Music, Pizza, Cartoons, Martinelli's Sparkling Apple cider/juice, Darker more cloudy colors, Video Games.

L Closed-minded people, working long hours, being sick, trendy ANYTHING, friends getting hurt, Really hot and bright sunny days, apt. living, being alone, expired food, being overweight.

© Dave Minton 1999-2008