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... to Celix Productions. My little humble little corner of the internet; piled high with soft/cozy pillows and ready for busywork, snacking, or napping. Contained is links to my art; stries; and more. Feel free to leave a pawprint in my guestbook as well. Enjoy!

Site News and Updates

Sept. 25, 2010: Progress to report! The newer "about the artist" page is active here. Work's been done on the new index that will air when the site is further along. Next up will be profiles i reckon. :3

May 09, 2010: Small update.. I added a tripod Web Template placer for the character page. Shows a listing currently of the characters. Tis small but somehting. Really just tinkering with templates. ^-^

Jan. 16th, 2010: Main Hompage layout and basic design set up and placeholds for future pages to be created in place. Slow but steady wins the race, right?. Some links are operational... but many also are not. Note as well that again i'm using old pages to fill in until I put new stuff togeather again. :3


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