Age Range: Mid-20's   Species Type: Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)   Gender: Female   Relationship: Single  
Height: 5" 8"est.


Silverspirit; a brown fur fox breed. She's discribed as the Hippy Goth type. Her music tastes and rathering of darker color clothes normally suggest a goth; yet her more open veiws and habbits with a tiny perky mood that comes and goes gives her the hippy side of things.

Silverspirit, or Silver for short, is a community college student that has tried many different things and jobs and seems to have trouble sticking with them. From Hairdresser to Secertary; she's found something she learned to some extent, then lost interest for something else. She has a huge love for Ramen Noodles and her normal diet consists of eating at her best gal pal freind forever's house or getting heat and eat dinners and trying to modify them to a better taste or menu idea.





Ramen Noodles


Close Minded People

Soda and Pizza


School Hours

Guys and Girls


R&B, Pop, Rap, Soul, and Disco Music

Rock, Metal, Heavey Metal, Goth Music


Her Body (she is very strong in her beleif she is not pretty in the least)

Sleeping nude to eliminate the hassle of clothing at night


Clothes/PJ's at night when going to bed



Jerks and Idiots

Watching TV


  Being called names by anyone

Being with her freinds and BFF Gal Pal



Silverspirit Online: