Age Range: Mid-20's   Species Type: Feline (Felis catus)   Gender: Female   Relationship: Single   Height: 5' 6" est.

Rio is a white furred cat-girl with a very strong attachment to the 1980's. Avid fan of Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Phil Collins, and more. She makes her living working at a downtown independent music shop even though her folks are well off thanks to investments.

Rio was quick to want a life outside of the invested wealth and wanted to live her life her way. A late bloomer in nature, her figure say's "supermodel" and yet she is a techy geek worthy of her own Geek Squad Volkswagen. She is shy, quiet and self conscious about her body image, weight, and how people truly see her. Getting along with guys though seems easy as she has a lot of male-friends who look past her body and are like extended brothers. Her personal and love life is always kept under wraps. She's pure American girl possibly even with native American roots far back on her family tree and has a big weakness for tuna noodle, milk, and ginger ale.




Mac OS



Tuna Noodle / Milk / Ginger Ale


Her Body

Her Body


Current Music (Rap, Pop, Rock)

Gaming / Computers


Rude People

Men ( especially those attacted to her as a whole)



Poorly Fitting Clothes




Being Sick

Late Night Movies





Being with her Friends


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