Species: Procyon lotor (un-masked)

Body Aspects: Dark Fur, Light Fured Neck/Chest/Stomach, Dirty Blond/Bronze Hair cut roughly, Petite Frame, Black Gloves/Boots/Inner Ear Detail/ and Stripes on Tail

Age: Unknown

Relitives: Kai Mei Raccoon (Brother)

Closest Freind: SilverSpirit Vixenfox

Height: 5' 2" est. (157.48cm est.)

Eye Color: Pink

Status: Seperated - Single

Diet: Fresh foods both vegatarian and carnavore. She often purchases food at farmer's markets, nearby farms, or form her own garden. She's had quite a time to learn and perfect her cooking skills to that many would argue are greater than most 5-star chefs, yet she loves making a warm early morning weekend breakfast most.

Hobbies: Cooking, Gardening, Literature Reading

Religion: Wiccan, Spiritual, Pagan, and some Buddhist

Relationships: Her biggest aspect that may cause tention for most is the fact she is in fact bi-sexual and her first relationship was a deep connection with her still closest freind Silverspirit. Kawaii later found a romance with a old school freind and later would marry the city police officer named Tim. However, much as things of life, after many years togeather in marrage and with the promotion of Tim at work; they seperated with no tentions and Kawaii is again single, yet not activly looking.

Preferences: Kawaii offers most a very rough exterior veiw, yet she prefers comfort and solitude. She is a tomboy throughout and wears casual shirts and pants. Her love of gardening and nature radiates in her choices of all natural raw ingredient products in the kitchen as well as her personal bathroom, be it purchased or something she's made herself. She also embraces a simplistic, antique atmosphere in her home life, such as by using candles and lanterns for lighting during nighttime; choosing these antiquities over modern electric fixtures for their warmer and somehow familiar feel. Kawaii cherishes a collection of antique furnishings scattered (nicely, of course) around her home, such as a Victorian-style four-poster canopy bed in each bedroom. Though the house itself appears to have seen better days, it was built during a formal period, distinguished by its multiple floors, a wine cellar, and even a classical ball room decorated with ornate glass chandeliers.

DeviantART - Kawaii Celix Main Page

My first character development that started humble as recalling the librarian girls form the old 80's late-night movies on USA network. Kawaii started as a book nerd girl and over time her story quickly took a more darker turn and she currently is my figurative finger to the conventional thinking of the afterlife and societies veiw of the "Grim Reaper" and the general tales of how the subject works.

She's now a mix of librarian, witch, ghost, child, and any girl you ever thought was nerdy on the outside to only find the true beauty and sexiness inside. She's a true book who one should never judge souly on her cover. She also proves that any girl reguarless how big or small can have emense strength in many aspects of being.