A gallery filled with my old fan-art from 1998 to around 2001. Some pencil, some ink, some colored in microsoft paint, and at least one colored using Paint Shop Pro; the trial version.

Enjoy the gallery; just click and veiw. If you get stuck in biggy-size, just click close or just anywhere away form the image to get back to the gallery!

BabyCat BabyWave Cat1Color Cat2Color CatAsSheep_DogKnockedSillyColor CatAtCrosswalk CatCarveColor CatClawsCloseupColor CatClawsColor CatCleaningArmColor CatDog1Color CatDogWrite CatEvilColor CatPanicColor CatRead CatSawTalulaColor CatsClawColor CatSleepingCutely CatWithFunnyLookOnHisFaceColor ChooChooDogColor ComixDogColor Dog1Color DogAsAWaiterColor DogCalender DogInHat DogInLeatherColor DogLaughingColor DogOnSantasLapColor DogScared DogScoutColor DogTree Dogula Dogula2 DogulaLayingColor DogulaLightningColor DogWatchingSandColor EwwCatColor FelineFreindsColor Halloween1 Halloween1Color LittleCatColor MadSleepingDogColor MilitaryCatColor MilitaryDogColor PictureDogColor SafetyDogColor SecretColor ShreikNextToBushColor SpaceDogColor TentColor tigercatColor WittleCatDog WolfDogColor

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