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First Photo of the collection about 5 years ago.


CatDog Books I own. Also from about 5 years ago. Bought at Barnes & Nobel I beleive.


Found these at a Antique Mall in Arkansas. Missing the Bike to the CD on a bike toy though.

Nicktoons CD which had the CD Theme and other Show tunes. * Since given this to my BGPF Janna


Nickelodeon Magizine which has some CatDog comics in it! Shame has icky Spongebob on the cover.


Birthday Card 1 of 2 in my collection!

And Birthday Card 2 of 2. Both from KMart if I recall.

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Some CatDog Links - These are CatDog sites grouped by status. The Closed sites are posted to help preserve the memory.

Active Sites

Not Active; But Functional

Closed/Abandoned Sites

Spots n' Fishbones

CatDog FanFics

Peter Hannan's Official Site ( Creator of CatDog)


A Hastilly Thrown togeather CatDog Page

1st CatDog Fan Site

CatDog FanArt Webpage

Miss Sunshine's CatDog Lab

CatDog Central *Now Closed, but some links still work and was THE best CD site out there at the time
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