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Legalities and Disclaimers Section:

Pretty self-explaintory; below is the legal statements for content on my site and other affiliating sites too.

The content of this website (images, texts, layout setups, etc.) are © (copyright) Dave Minton 1999-2008. At no time may content be used, copied, redistributed, altered, sold, or in any other way posted or used without verbal and written permission from the owner, Dave Minton.

Send requests for permission to the Webmaster/Content Owner Via eMail to:


Include on your email the name and location of image you wish to use; location it will be at; reason and intended use of image,texts,etc.; and length of time you plan to use. You'll also be required to give mailing address and phone number.

If approved.. you'll receive written and verbal permission via phone and USMail. Otherwise, if not response is given-no use is granted and legal actions will be taken if items are used.

At any point of copyright infringment; legal action will be taken against ALL offenders.

This site impliments IP scanning, location tracking, and visitor status codes/programs for which in event of infringment; will be used to locate and bring legal action to offenders.

See someone nicking my stuff?

Report it

Report content and image theives by clicking the above link. It'll open a pre-stamped (riigghhhtt) eMail letter for you to report em to the Webmaster.

Be sure you mention the links and site and usernames of the offenders plwase. ^.^

© Dave Minton 1999-2008