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You've found the bio's page of the characters for Celix Productions. These are the folks you would find in my written and artistic projects and you'll see proding about the website as page backgrounds.

To the right, you can check out each characters information ranging from their personal traits and what links the have with the others. Every character I have was molded from either my own personal traits or of people/ideas/or random thoughts i've met or had. The majority of my character do share trait of myself.

Click on a character face to veiw their bio. This will open in a new window pop-up; so make sure your popup blocker doesn't block em. I warn you too that tripod's advertisments might show up in the pop-up. Sorry in advance, i hope to someday get a paid account to at least get ridda those ads. Enjoy!

Rio Barberella Kitten
Cutesy Annistasia CelixDog
SilverSpirit VixenFox
Kawaii Kosen Raccoon
Nightspirit Raccoon

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