SouthStar Glen, AR

SouthStar Glen, AR has everything you want in a city of wonder! Historic downtown with family-owned shops and a bussling downtown district with the latest clubs, cafés, and shops.

SouthStar Northern Railway Signal at Downtown Station - 2003


Historic District

Holds our most remembered moments with the family-owned shops, markets, and dinners. Travel the old rt. 66 service road and pass under iron bridges of the past. Take an excursion trip on the SouthStar Northern Steam Railroad!

Downtown District

Find your namebrand stores like GAP, Tommy, and Avon. Visit the 4 distinct dance clubs for every mindset and check out the scenic views from Glen Lake with summer homes avalible from May to August as well as avalible homes for long term living year round. Check out the event's guide on your visit or at http://glengardens.ssg.ar.us to see what events are playing at our 15 million dollar event facility featuring a Dimebag Darrel Memorial Museum in the new anex.

Maps of the Glen LakeFront
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For a travel kit and your Free Botanical Garden's Visitor Pass (valid May - August). Call: 479-555-5555


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