* UPDATE - Aug. 14, 2008*
I've gone ahead and put the Memorial Page up in it's former WIP state as a kind of, progress mark and so that I know I wont forget to add this page later. I'm finding pages like this one have very solid, crisp apperance which I may keep; in the long run saving on creation time. :0)

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Dear to my heart ::

This is the part of the site dedicated to a man who was a father, mentor, and freind to meh for about all my life. Born in IL and rasied on farms and later in life able to make a career out of selling farmland and some comercial proporties as a real estate agent.

Battling trials and tribulations with his hip and legs; though his while body may have been out to get him as well. He was in and out of hospitals, rehabs, and surgery rooms with his alements for most of his older years in life and was even pictured in a local paper for a Northwest Arkansas area rehab center as they outlooked him as one of the patients featured

Mind you I have to recover the news clippings with that information, but through all this he cared for his grand-children and others... of all who will miss him dearly as I know I will personally and forever feel the gap in my heart without him in a local voice or touch. Yet we know he's looking down on me and others in pride or stern looks from what less smart thing I or others may do. May he rest in peace and look after us all as the lord, gods, and goddesses now have him to read them stories at night and offer some cheer when they're down.