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Behind the pen

Information about the artist himself, that would be me. I don't like to place rl photos of myself online as I don't think you people deserve to see such awful things as well as it just isn't something i wanna do. ^.^ So to the right is a look at myself in furry character form known as CelixDog, Duh! v

Im known for a rather thin temper and tolorance and yet some whould say im cool and fun to talk to, seeming ive not got many offline friends at the moment. I have quite the less than normal way of doing things and of thinking, wether it be in my opinions or my artistic ideas. v

E-Mail nightspirit_kosen(at)hotmail.com

General Info and Tastes

I'm about 5' 10" and obviously male, yet at times seems like a Cutesy half prods into me, and born in 1981. Im not into trends and it shows in how my own personal fashion progresses about from day to day. I just am getting into not hating to wear jeans as I have to for work for the last 6 months, ussually its khaki's and never shorts! :06

I like Subs and Pizza, and to drink soda like rootbeer (A&W prefered) and occasionally eat some greens and veggies as Im trying to eat right and with the support of my baby spirit sister to be more veggan like. I don't drink anything stronger than ginger ale and I will swear on my dead grandfathers grave to never touch anything stronger. Alcohol, beer, and the such are bad and I know i'm able to act messed up without drinking. I also am Anti-Drugs and fear needles and doctors with a passion.


I don't do well with, unless I feel comfortable around that person. Im extreamly shy and known to use the drive-thru window to avoid going into the place to get something. If I have to get soemthing at a store.. i try to stay reclusive to myself and gets what i need and get out. I also am known to be overly shy and can't speak for my life to any girl that has any amount of beauty. Im protective over those who I do know and that ussually I feel are like family, such as my spirit sister, and will fight to protect them. I don't like people that try to hurt me or my family and spirit family, nor do i like people who act stupid, do overly stupid things, and seem to follow societies path dubbed "trendy". I detest people who find fun in bashing or dragging others names or souls though the mud in person on in a website as it shows zero respect for that person, which no matter how much you hate someone.. you should still respect them. You never know when that enemy just might turn out to be an asset to you for soemthing. I may hate many people, yet I respect the great majority of them, though a small few have lost that respect from meh and we all know that it is earned, not handed out on a silver platter. Mind you those people that have lost my respect are long since gone and forgotten as his friends I knew still have the respect they earned in my mind.

Artistic Techniques

I use pencil, many many erasers, and Millenium pens to ink that are ussually .05 in size. I color via color pencils or occasionally markers on BG's and watercolor when im feeling fancy. My inspirations are not as the word would seem. My mind continously is in high gear thinking and running almost realisticly seen scenes of my characters lives, primarilly of Kawaii and NightSpirit. Otherwise ideas are from surounding and just normal day thoughts, feelings, music tunes, and the like. I draw normal life things and nothing too fancy. I'm still a practicing student of cartoonish furry artwork and browse other artists work for my ussual inferiority complex. Yet I know that as a hobby and to pass time, this is my talent and way to help express things. I also write small stories that focus on details, feelings, and the surrounding more than on the plot, storyline, or a single idea. I peice a small moment in my mind and try to add to that while i write, no planning needed. It shows i'm sure when you read them. I use my computer to scan, BG, and mostly imprint my copyrights on images and to post them on my archives. Im what you would label as a traditional artist. v

Dave Minton 1999-2007