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Birthday: July 16th, 1981 Artist RL Name: Dave Minton

Behind the Pen

Behind the pen is found the artist, creator of the world he creates, interpreter of the real world, and questor of the key to bring both worlds into one. A single line intersecting another until a form, a hand-made image of his unlocked crossroads is finalized. Behind the pen is the person whom silently sees the real for the created and battles for their balance in both worlds without being drawn helplessly into one or the other. Possessor of the key and imagination to make what you see and use to trigger your own personal dreams.

My Art Toolsup down

  • Mechanical Pencil #2
  • Micron (or Zig, which I prefer) Blk. Pen #.05
  • Fun lil Grey Kneedable eraser you can make lil figures from
  • Various types of Music on CD's and My stereo
  • Mostly Cheep (yet some PrismaColor) Color Pencils
  • PaintShop Pro 7.0 Anniv. Edition for extra touches

My Style, Inspirations, Etc. up down

My style is a mix of Anthromorphic and Cartoon/Animation; and I try to mix a sorta realistic (as best i can draw) style to give some life to my characters and drawings. I try not to let my own character's stray too far from realistic situations... no anthro girls keeling over from overly proportioned figures or characters who can walk in the air. However, I do pleed guilty that past years knowing of the anime and cartoonyness and mixing in "powers" in characters has happened. I try to keep a good balance though for them. My characters also seem to show certain traits that twist stereotypes you ussually see, things like the most vixenesque character is vain and somewhat dim. Or the goth girl is always dark and somewhat un pretty. Whichever stereotypes, or things most would expect. I've even taken into thought of a huge taboo of the world's society and our image of dead and the form it is shown in on tv, cartoons, etc.

Im inspired apparently by alot of things. I walk down the road or drive my car, or i'm at work or whatever; things I see, think, hear, feel, smell (yes odd eh?) will spark a thought, story idea, or the like. RPC's (Role Playing Chats) seem to dig up major story ideas... I get so swamped with ideas I really do get burnout by the end of the day. its all very realistic and hence where the City of SouthStar Glen came to be... a place of fantasy to drift to and see all these characters and ideas... even events like a video recording.

Celix Productions/Website History up

Created in mid-1999, Celix Productions started simply as a name for my art (Pre-Internet) that was mostly of Felix the Cat. The name comes from a C instead of a F of Felix. I would pause the VCR of "Felix the Cat" and look at the Tv, trying to draw what I saw character wise on paper. Soon moved towards "2 Stupid Dogs", then "Rocko's Modern Life" and "CatDog" about the same time. I then found the net and met the owner of the CatDog 1st Fan Site, which is now in perminent limbo, who liked the drawings I was making from this tv transcribed drawiing technique.

I later joined the CatDog Club, also no more, that this person owned and met folks there. A small time later I started work at High School in between assignments in computer lab making the Celix Productions Website on tripod. It moved over it's time from 1999-2001 between Tripod, Crosswinds, AngelFire, Furnation, and Spree I beleive. Geocities was also for a short time a site stop. The CatDog Group (club) broke into 2 sides of which I slowly migrated to that was then called CatDog (CD) Freinds that lasted for a year or so before the old technique of tv transfer from visualization came back to cause alot of trouble. CelixDog was created and later Cutesy by an artist of the CDFreinds and later he and some freinds grew tired of me and soon I was Booted from the Freinds List on Yahoo and in time had the Online life merge into my real life causing me to melt into a rather depressive state. Contact was lost with all of these people initially, I returned to the CatDog Group and soon later one girl returned back from the CDFreinds as well, she is now considered my Spirit-Sister because over the time of 2001-2002 we came to terms and restarted our freindship that was crushed by the recent events of the time.

In 2004-ish I left the CatDog Group and the person who introduced me to the past events and embarked to be a loner and my freind Janna came with me... we both felt the same at that time and spent the next year doing our own thing websites and art wise. Celix Productions went off the Internet however as a Website in 2005 after I had a fallout from my past depression and feelings and was introduced to DeviantART in late 2005 by janna. Since then I have been posting art and photography to my DeviantART Account and leaving website design to other people. in 2007 I started redirecting the numberous older accounts to this Tripod account and my DeviantART account and this summer of 2007 started design of the website return of Celix productions under the original concepts but with a little more knowledge of web design.

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